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The results of previous naming contests.

2012-08, UK VPS host

moonshine (as suggested by ging) was chosen.

2012-03, US nameserver

budvar (as suggested by Tommy`) was chosen.

2011-11, US nameserver

cardhu (as suggested by taras) was chosen.

2011-08, UK VPS host

bellini (as suggested by popey) was chosen.

2011-04, UK VPS host

president (as suggested by Taavi) was chosen.

2010-08, Two UK VPS hosts

cosmo (as suggested by tolien) and sol (as suggested by tomalak) were chosen.

2010-03/04, UK VPS host

urquell (as suggested by Adam Sweet) was chosen.

2009-07, UK VPS host

barbar (as suggested by wiggly) was chosen.

2009-03, Two UK VPS hosts

mumm (as suggested by tomalak) and dunkel (as suggested by Mark Kitson) were chosen.

2009-01, UK VPS host

faustino (as suggested by rphwrk) was chosen.

2008-09, US DNS server

chacha (as suggested by taras) was chosen.

2008-09, UK VPS host

kahlua (as suggested by dg) was chosen.

2008-04/05, UK VPS host

obstler (as suggested by Eyecon) was chosen.

2008-02/03, UK VPS host

kwak (as suggested by popey) was chosen.