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This wiki is here for BitFolk customers to contribute their own content. Log in with your usual credentials and you'll then have access to edit/create pages.

What belongs in here... What does not belong in here...
  • Anything related to BitFolk that you wish to contribute should be put somewhere on here, and we'll try to develop some structure later on.
  • Support requests should be addressed to an official support channel.
  • Feature requests or deficiency (bug) reports are best entered into the Tracker.
  • Requests for assistance/advice are probably best written in email to the users list. Putting a summary of answers in the wiki later would be greatly appreciated.

It's still unclear how best to structure this wiki, and as a result many existing articles are hard to find. You might prefer to have a look at the list of all articles to see if what you want is there. Also when looking to contribute, the list of wanted (linked to but not yet existing) articles might be useful.

If you've ideas about structure, please just try to put them into place or at least discuss them.