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BitFolk is not yet set up to be a domain registrar, so you cannot register domains directly through BitFolk. Hopefully that feature will be available at some time. In the mean time here are some (personal!) recommendations.

If anyone knows the extent to which IPv6 records in zones, IPv6 glue, DNSSEC etc. are supported then this would be very useful information.

Attempting to keep in alpha order…


£5.98 + VAT for 2yr .uk

£9.99 + VAT for 1yr .com

123-reg have quite a limited control panel for setting up DNS records - eg. if you want an MX record for a host within the domain you have raise a support ticket rather than using the control panel.


The 123-Reg control panel has no concept of IPv6. If you want to use AAAA records, you need to host the DNS somewhere else (by pointing the NS records to different nameservers) or run the gauntlet of getting their support team to set up the records for you. YMMV.

If you want IPv6 glue records for domain names you've registered with them, you have to go through the support team (and may have to kick them several times before they'll actually *do* anything). You may be able to speed things up by providing them with the information they need in the format they need it (let's not make it any harder on the poor dears, eh?)

Include the information in your support request like this: Ip4 address: ipv6 address (fe80:007:101::2) :ip4 address: Ipv6 address (fe80:007:101::99)

This seemed to work for me (MurkyGoth) - after submitting that I was told:

I can confirm that I have configured this for you now. Please allow 24-48 hours before this change takes effect through the registry.

Nearly two weeks later, and after they close the support ticket, the AAAA glue records still aren't available - I can only assume that 123-Reg *are* completely clueless. One more attempt...another ticket, another two support staff names on the ticket, another assurance of 24-48 hours for the update to take effect.

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Relatively good. Prices for .uk are £4.95/year, check the link for current pricing.

They don't have IPv6 glue in the portal, but raising a ticket on Sunday had a two hour resolve time, so can't complain there.

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$8.88 per year, takes PayPal, inc DNS, u r welcome to use anyone else!!

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Relatively cheap £3/year +VAT domain names. Good web interface.


Includes interface to manage IPv6 records, including glue records. Nameserver glue records can have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses configured at the same time. Glue records can be managed in the web interface and are updated within minutes.

Works for all domains that allow IPv6 glue records (including .uk)

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Can add the v6 host records through their portal. Records were published within minutes, as expected.

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Usual £10+vat/2yr for .uk and £10+vat/yr for others. Decent web interface as well.

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Simple, easy, no-bs domain registration. Has great support for ipv6 glue, and free whois privacy.

Pricing: (full list):

  • $10/year for .uk
  • $15/year for .com/.net/.org

Their customer support, while not 24 hour, is quite good. Knowledgable and responsive. Also, they seem to like cat pictures (whenever I submit a ticket to them I always send a picture of my cat)

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Mythic Beasts

£7 + VAT for 2yr .uk

£8 + VAT for 1yr .com

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Includes powerful DNS control panel, ipv6 records supported. Very clueful staff, able to do The Right Thing.

£6 + VAT for 2yr .uk

£8.50 + VAT for 1yr .com

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