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Some information regarding BitFolk's limited free LWN 12-month subscription offer to customers.


“ aims to be the premier news and information source for the free software community.” [1]

LWN is an edited weekly summary of interesting developments in the Linux and free software world. It's a paid-for subscription service that nominally costs $7 per month, though some content is available for free a week later. It's worth more than $7/month, but BitFolk customers have a chance to get it for free.


Initially as a 2010 Christmas present, BitFolk has a limited number of free subscriptions to LWN to offer to customers. Once they're gone they're gone, but if some people later stop using them then they may be re-offered.

How to get it

  1. Register a user name on if you haven't done so already.
  2. contact BitFolk Support, asking for an LWN subscription and supplying your VPS account name and LWN user name.
  3. If there aren't any left, follow @bitfolk on twitter to hear when there are some available again.

The small print (in quite big print)

  • This is a free gift to you from BitFolk; hopefully we don't have to take it away but if we decide we do have to: sorry! No refunds / compensation.
  • If you stop being a customer then we'll have to take away the subscription so that someone else can enjoy it.
  • After you've had a subscription active for 12 months we'll be re-offering it to others; you go to the back of the queue.
  • If you stop using it or have no need for the subscription (some organisations offer LWN subscriptions, e.g. Red Hat, Canonical, Debian) then we expect you to give it up so that someone else can enjoy it.