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It's been almost three years since the last pie meat. Time for another one!


Friday 1st of April 2016



  • Andy
  • dg
  • dutchie
  • popey
  • Dominic
  • Dave2
  • plett
  • Filbert
  • Robert
  • ging


12:06:53 <+Dave2> Filbert, if I had a wiki account I'd document the ordering process
12:07:04 <+Dave2> It involves effectively having a pie register in your mind; you put the first pie you hear into the register, then you replace it any time you hear a better pie. At the end of it, you echo  the contents of that register back to the waitress. 
12:07:08 <+Dave2> (and add "with chips")
12:07:32 <+Dave2> There's a waitress who reads a long list of pies
12:07:33 <+Dave2> And reads it once
14:20:59 <@Dave2> someone who's logged into the wiki should clarify that chips are not available in the evening
14:21:58 <@grifferz> Dave2, did we not have chips last time then?
14:22:04 <@Dave2> no
14:22:50 <@Dave2> chips are an afternoon only thing for some reason