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TwitFolk is a bot which gates Twitter statuses into IRC.

It was born after a brief debate on the subject. It is still experimental.

If you have a Twitter account and would like your tweets gated into IRC then let grifferz know.

See also IRC/planet.


  • If you retweet something in order to enter a competition or otherwise for gain, you'll be removed for "some time".
  • If you cease to be around in the channel then you'll be removed.

That is about it.

Ignoring people

If you would like to ignore just one person's tweets then you might be able to do a regexp ignore, depending on your IRC client.


/ignore -regexp -pattern ^\[theirnick/ TwitFolk!*@* notices

Ignoring hashtags


/ignore -regexp -pattern #[Ee]urovision TwitFolk!*@* notices

(Unsure if it is actually case-sensitive)


/filter add eurovision irc.bitfolk.#bitfolk nick_TwitFolk+notify_message+irc_notice #[eE]urovision