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About this wiki.

Why are there so few articles on this wiki?

Some good articles do exist, but with the current lack of structure they may be hard to find. Try using the list of all pages

How do I add a new article to this wiki?

The same way as Wikipedia or any other MediaWiki install:

  • Search for the page using the search button on the top right.
  • If the page does not already exist then at the bottom of the search results page it will say:
Create the page "search terms" on this wiki!
  • Click on the red search terms text and save some content to create the new page.

Wanted pages

If you create a wiki link to a page that doesn't exist yet then it will show in red. You'll then be able to follow the link to create the article yourself. It will also show up in Wanted Pages, so if you don't have time to create an article you can at least indicate that it's wanted.