Xmas Drinks 2012

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BitFolk is having a social get together for some food and drink. If you're able to make it to London to join us, please come along and say hello.


Thursday 13th December 2012.


Tables are booked (currently for 12 persons) at The Cask, 6 Charlwood Street, London SW1V 2EE (Pimlico) from 5.30pm. They insisted we have at least one person there from 5.30pm, but feel free to join us later.


The following people said they were coming:

  • alex s. moo
  • andypjb
  • Andy S
  • casper
  • dg (only staying for a bit)
  • Ed Neville + 1
  • ging (if i can make it back in time)
  • Paul2
  • Paul Stimpson (possibly +1)
  • Robert
  • Sam Bächler
  • simon
  • Tom Ellis

If you now can't make it, or if you aren't on the list but now want to come along, please edit the list. We will try to get more table space if more people add their names.