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BitFolk offers a discount for developers of significant open source projects.

Developer Discount

If you're a developer of a significant open source project then BitFolk may be able to offer you a 5% discount.

Who Qualifies?

Broadly, people who are registered developers of large open source projects such as Debian developers, Ubuntu developers, Fedora maintainers etc. can be confident they qualify. Other significant contributions may be accepted too; just ask.


Unlike sponsored hosting which — as it's totally free — has many conditions, there are very few conditions for those who qualify for the developer discount. They are:

  • Qualifying for it is by BitFolk's sole determination and it can be taken away at any time.
  • It's only for individuals, not companies, so the service needs to be billed to a non-company entity. Yes, there are easy ways around this, but BitFolk asks you to please abide by the spirit of this offer.

That's it.

How To Obtain The Discount

You have to ask for it. BitFolk will make a determination as to whether you qualify.

New customers

In the "notes" section of the order form please mention that you'd like a developer discount, which project(s) you are involved with, and a link for BitFolk to easily verify that. Or feel free to just email support ahead of time with that information to check that BitFolk will accept it.

Existing customers

You will need to email support with details of which project(s) you are involved with and a link for BitFolk to easily verify that.

Other Discounts

If you're mainly using BitFolk for the provision of a service which is a "good cause" within the Internet/tech community then it may be more appropriate for it to be entirely sponsored. That comes with a lot of conditions though, the main one being that it isn't really used for anything else.