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Contacting BitFolk support

The primary means of support is through email. Your emails will be entered into the support queue and you'll receive a copy back with a ticket number.

Urgent issues

BitFolk's support queue is not monitored 24 hours a day and the vast majority of support requests are not urgent. If your service in unexpectedly unavailable and you are unable to restart it, please feel free to send us a text on the phone number quoted on our contact page.

Scope of support

BitFolk's philosophy is to enable the customer to take control of their hosting and go about their business themselves, fixing their own problems. While there are a lot of BitFolk services that need to be set up in response to a support request, BitFolk is continually seeking to automate. If there is a way for you to solve a given issue yourself then you'll be directed to do this.

BitFolk can also do most kinds of system administration work for you as a consultancy service. This is usually charged at £70/hour.

IRC support

While you may find BitFolk's unofficial IRC channel useful for quick questions, BitFolk staff will direct you to submit a support ticket by email (or move the conversation into a support ticket) for almost any non-trivial request.